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Los Angeles County is struggling through a financial crisis.  Most California residents filing for divorce owe more on thier homes than what the home is worth, owe more on their cars than what their cars are worth, and their retirement's have lost thousands of dollars.

Through no fault of your own, maybe you cannot afford to pay for a divorce lawyer or Court filing fees.  Maybe like thousands of other California residents, you are trying to support two households from only one income.  You are not alone and we can help you with this situation.

We offer a number of solutions to this financial crisis.  We have three special package deals to suit your individual financial needs.  We offer Full Service Representation, Limited Scope Representation, and Document Preparation.

Skip the internet divorce sites that are confusing.  Skip the Court's self help center where you can spend days waiting.  We can do the complete job better, faster, and cheaper than anyone else in Los Angeles County, guaranteed.

I can guarantee this because I am the hardest working Attorney in town.  I can guarante this because I have 16 years of experience doing it.  I can guarante this because I am a California native, Los Angeles local, lived here my whole life, and consider Los Angeles my back yard.  Beause I am local I am invested in you and your children's future and ongoing success.  I am here to stay.  I am here for the long haul. 

We offer a number of divorce packages to meet your needs;

Please see our Legal Workshop page.
Please see our Uncontested Dissolution page.  
Please see our Full Services page.

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                                                        Payment options:

                      Cash, Check, Travelers's Check, All major credit cards. 


                    We offer a different variety of payment plans to suit your individual needs.

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